NOVEMBER 8 - 9, 2019 




Topic: "Transform Cities with Technological Solutions from Taiwan"
Date: Nov. 8th (Friday), 2019
Time: 14:00 - 16:00
Venue: Meeting room 4, SMX Convention Center, Davao
Registration: 13:30PM - 14:00PM
Opening: 14:00PM - 14:10PM
Speaker: TAITRA
Group Photo: 14:10PM - 14:15PM
Speech about opportunity of Philippines: 14:15PM - 14:25PM
Speaker: TBC
PRESENTATION 1: 14:25PM - 14:40PM

Topic: The AI Robots Power up Our Future

Speaker: Ligo, Lim / Head of Sales

Company: Cal-Comp Technology (Philippines), Inc.


PRESENTATION 2: 14:40PM - 14:55PM

Topic: Smart City, Smart Life

Speaker: Sunny Lee / Account Manager

Company: Plustek Inc.


PRESENTATION 3: 14:55PM - 15:10PM

Topic: Commercial Drone for Smart City Innovative Application

Speaker: Dr. Cheng-Fang, Lo / CEO

Company: GEOSAT Aerospace & Technology Inc.


PRESENTATION 4: 15:10PM - 15:25PM

Topic: KYMCO IONEX - Transform Modern Transportation by making the World Greener and Cleaner

Speaker: Eugene D. Venus / Regional Sales Vice Manager

Company: Kymco Philippines Inc.


Snacks / Networking with media / Interviews: 15:25PM - 16:00PM



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